I'm Ashley Raymond, an independent creator based in New Haven, CT. I have a B.S. in Exercise Science from SCSU but my heart is also in writing and content creation. My mission is to assist others in bringing their concepts from an idea to reality. I've expanded my skills and knowledge into photography, event coordination, creative direction and content strategy. I am very Black and very proud of it so I work to share the experiences of myself and my people through creative expression.


Pick of the Month is Jet Noire. This Black woman owned clothing line is based in Atlanta, GA and I have the wonderful opportunity of being a brand affiliate! Jet Noire's designs are innovative and made with great quality. The latest collection, Dijon, is still available to shop while we get ready for the new collection, Malo. I appreciate their garments, not only because of the quality, but because these are original designs. Too often do we see fast fashion brands stealing designs from extremely talented designers and small businesses just to recreate mediocre versions for a lower cost. CEO Mya is now elevating Jet Noire into a brand that designs and constructs garments in-house along with ethically sourcing fabrics and materials. Be sure to follow Jet Noire on social media @jetxnoire. If you like what you see, be sure to use my referral link and grab 15% off your items! Happy shopping!

any questions? drop me a line.

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